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  • Hydrotherapy

    One to one sessions with a qualified physiotherapist in the Hydrotherapy pool

  • Swimming

    Engage in a one to one swim with a qualified instructor

Ulster boys rise to the challenge for SNAPS

Danny Boyle is the uncle of SNAPS regular Ellen Boyle. Along with his friend Brendan Brenan he decided he wanted to help SNAPS and raise some much-needed funds.
Ellen has Angelman Syndrome and since attending SNAPS sessions Danny has noticed her mobility progress has improved vastly and says that she has come on leaps and bounds. He knows how much SNAPS means to Ellen and her family so he decided to undertake the Ulster 5 peaks and complete it in just 24 hours. Danny chose the Ulster 5 peaks as both Danny and Brendan wanted to test themselves physically and thought that there was no better way to do it than to take on this famous challenge.
Before the event, the boys hosted a fundraiser. The evening was a wax, shave or dye event which as you can imagine was a real hairy experience. Danny and Brendan …