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Special Needs And Parent Support Yorkshire – A very special charity


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  • Hydrotherapy

    One to one sessions with a qualified physiotherapist in the Hydrotherapy pool

  • Swimming

    Engage in a one to one swim with a qualified instructor

Please meet Becky Wilson; parent trustee

Becky has been a parent trustee with SNAPS since March 2006. How she actually finds the time between looking after 3 children and studying is astounding.
Becky started to visit SNAPS over 2 years ago. Becky is typical of many of our families in that they are often in search of a place where the stresses of life as parents of children with additional needs can be put aside and can be understood and not judged. For Becky, SNAPS has been that place. This is Becky’s story:
We have 3 children all with additional needs. We started coming to SNAPS 2 and a half years ago with Oliver now aged 5 and a half and Abigail who is 11. Oliver has multiple diagnoses, the main one is autism. Abigail has been diagnosed with EDS and sensory processing. We also have a daughter aged 16 diagnosed …